Kris Reid of Ardor Media Factory

Kris Reid of Ardor Media Factory

Kris Reid is the founder of Ardor Media Factory and Ardor SEO, who has also dubbed himself the coolest guy in SEO (and who can blame him?). As the founder of the Ardor family he began the legacy of providing top quality backlinks and SEO services, building his team from the ground up and having the ability to branch out to two other locations. Despite basing his offices in Australia, Cambodia and the Philippines Kris Reid has been successful in obtaining SEO customers from across the globe and continues to deliver outstanding services to the top SEO and backlink clients and companies from every corner of the globe.

The Coolest Guy In SEO Kris Reid

Jim Pepe gave Kris and his Ardor SEO service an 11/10 with a huge success rate growing on his website over at Helix SEO.

Along with providing the biggest SEO products for a fraction of the price, compared with other SEO companies, Kris’ enterprise of search engine optimisation solutions has brought him contention with some of the biggest names in the SEO world, building his own pedigree and mark in the internet marketing industry.

Kris Reid delivering at Ardor Media Factory

Kevin Lennon from Sponsored Linx always rates Ardor Media Factory and Ardor SEO as the best for SEO and backlinks when it comes to value and quality.

The Ardor team is always happy to welcome dedicated customers and we have built lifelong relationships with our clients.

Want that to be you too?

Kris’ work can be found on Ardor SEO & Ardor Media Factory.


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